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About Our Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions can be quite stiff at the best of times.  At Barista’s Cafe we provide artists with an opportunity to display their work for a period of up to 2 months to gain the best exposure and sales opportunity.  We provide a professional hanging system for easy installation of their art and a memorable launch with only the best canapes, wine, service and piano music to welcome guests and potential buyers in a relaxed atmosphere at a very small cost to the artist.

Liquid and Light

Richard C. Muller

Richard is a self-taught, semi-professional photographic artist specializing in artistic interpretations of the world around him. His work ranges from unedited landscapes to completely transformed abstract images. South African born Richard has been living in Ireland for nearly 10 years and his portfolio contains images from both countries as well as others like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Liquid and Light is his first major exhibition and features a selection of photographs of Ireland showcasing the beauty of both water and natural light.

Finn Autumin

Landscapes from Finland by Fares Fares

The exhibition included 10 limited framed photographs and 30 portfolio preview prints of Finlands Country Side and Suomenlinna Island near Helsinki during Autumn period.
The concept of Finn Autumin is to reveal Finlands beauty in a different frame from that one most viewers developed in their minds as being particulary a country of forests/lakes and lights. The Photographs are a rich mixture of Autumn colors, elements, landscape, architecture and nature. Solid colors of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green blend together leaving the viewer in a mix sense if it is a Mediterranean house or a warm evening. The Elements of each photograph are in a harmony where the viewer gets the feeling of warmness and nature intimacy.

Conversation in Colour

by Victor Toapanta Salazar

Victor Toapanta Salazar is a Latin American abstract artist based in Dublin since 1999. He combines colour, typography, and mixed media in his paintings. Toapanta Salazar’s work is exuberant yet measured. He likes to play with paint, sometimes moving it around the canvas like a body of water, other times applying the paint in short, definite, methodical strokes. His current body of work “Conversations In Colour” serves as a starting point for the artist and audience to explore the narrative between colour and human behaviour, emotion, human existence. In this series Toapanta Salazar undertakes to convey intense feelings, memories, thoughts, states of mind, which cannot be expressed easily in words, only through colour. This exhibition “Conversation In Colour” is dedicated to his mother Mariana and sister Sofia.

Africa the Experience

Bobby Kerr

The exhibition is comprised of photos I took on my visits to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. It documents Africa; it’s people, landscape and animals. Refreshments will be served and all proceeds from the sale of photographs will be in aid of Habitat for Humanity & Crumlin Children’s Hospital. More information is included in the attachment.

Wildlife Exhibition

Robert Teelings

Robert’s passion for art and specifically wildlife art, started at a very young age.
As a young boy he went on many family holidays to various game parks and this increased his love of wildlife.
Robert is still a regular visitor to the game parks where he constantly looking for inspiration and reference material to ensure he captures the real and natural beauty of the subjects he paints.Robert is a self-taught artist and his works grace the walls of many homes and galleries in South Africa as well as Europe. His versatility enables him to paint most subjects, (seascapes, portraits, landscapes, murals), and this is self-evident in the quality of the work he produces in all mediums.

BNL Photos

Mairead O Byrne

Landscape Series – “Avonbeg” by David Roper

“Emeralds of the Isles of Green” Riaan Els

Worlds Apart” by Geroid Mac Oireachtaigh

“Ceramics” by Alan Boyle

“Jewelery Box” by Daragh Muldowney 16th May 2013